Arcadia's docks early summer morn                                                      Resident Heron near docks

Spring has sprung beautifully!

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Page posted June 2004. Our apologies for not having been able to post new pages. We do hope to resume posting in 2006.

Winter finally called it quits and Spring has been quite nice. Days in the 60s or 70s and nights in the high 40s to high 50s.  If you would like to be notified by email when we post new Photo of the Week pages drop me an email at arcadia@arcadiaco.com and I'll be glad to add you to the list. We will be hopefully setting up an archives section in the next month or so.

In Memoriam - On January 28,2003 our very special mascot Kiki passed on at the age of 12 1/2.    He is greatly missed not only by us but also by guests who had became fond of him. If anyone has any pictures of Kiki from a past visit at Arcadia that they would be willing to share, we would be most grateful.

Kiki's last Christmas 2002

The below section is dedicated to Grammie Stevens who taught me to love and respect the natural world.

AREA FLORA & FAUNA -  Winter hung on a bit longer than usual so it's been an interesting Spring. The wildflowers have been quite beautiful as usual. May brings Dutchman's Breeches, Wild Columbine, Red Trillium, White trillium, Jack-In_The-Pulpits, Hepatica, Wild Ginger and Marsh Marigolds. June brings Yellow Lady slippers, Forget-Me-Nots, Wild Geranium among others. We are very pleased to announce that the Peregrine Falcons in Willsboro Bay are the proud parents of 3 chicks. We also have nesting wrens, cliff swallows, tree swallows, bluebirds, phoebes, orioles, catbirds, robins and kingfishers. During kayaks trips up the bay to monitor the falcon chicks, a deer was seen in front of one of the camps, a coyote peeked out at us near the Dry Wall and porcupine evidence was seen on shore  in Tunnel Cove. The great blue herons have been busy and an egret was seen in May in the marsh. One beaver has been out and about while the other is probably home with the kids. The Canadian Geese, Mallards and Mergansers are busy with their chicks. Goldfinches and Wood Thrushes have been seen on Arcadia's grounds. The Hummingbirds returned the first week of May and have been busy feeding at the feeders on the camps. The Loon was heard in the evening several times. There appear to be less cormorants this year which will benefit the other fish feeding birds and the fish population. A strange phenomenon the last several days has been huge flocks of Canadian Geese flying north. It's really late for this since they should have already hatched their goslings as the two pairs here have. The chipmunks are busy with their families in the rock pile. A fox raised her kits under a camp near us this Spring but I regrettably didn't get to see them to get pictures.

LAKE CHAMPLAIN THIS SPRING -  The ice just didn't want to leave but finally headed out of the cove for good the third week of April. It's been a great Lake Trout and Salmon season with large fish caught right from shore including a 10 lb. 10 oz. Lake Trout. This should continue for several more weeks with reasonably good Salmon fishing until the beginning of July. Fishing will continue at deeper levels for most fish but the large mouth bass will be in shallow coves. The water levels have been fluctuating around 97 feet.

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Posted - 06/04/04 - Happy Birthday Mom!


Farm on road to Fort Ticonderoga basked in a field of spring dandelions.

Spring has sprung and the Dock House Restaurant in Essex has the docks installed for the coming boating season.

The fog crept out as quickly as it crept in on this early spring afternoon in Whallon's Bay, Essex.

Mr. Porcupine nibbles on new green shoots in a field near Arcadia Cottages.

A happy fisherman heads home after an afternoon of fishing for Lake Trout at Begg's Park in Essex

A record 10Lb.10Oz. Lake Trout caught at Begg's Park in Essex the end of May.

Elephant's Head a popular Ausable Chasm landmark ooks down on raging spring waters

Spring rains cause a beautiful mist over the falls at Ausable Chasm a short 20 minute drive from Arcadia.

Hiking trails and either rafting or tubing through the gorge are popular activities.

Several of the cows at the farm up the road come up to the fence to say "Howdy".

The Essex-Charlotte ferry passes behind the cross in Begg's Park after the beautiful sunrise service on Easter.

Ed watches as his sailboat Moondance is launched for the season at Willsboro Bay Marina.

A Trout Lily blooms on Arcadia's grounds in May.

Red Trillium is just one of the many wildflowers that can be viewed when walking along the lane near Arcadia.

The new cruise ship Adirondac travels tthrough Ticonderoga from the boat launch in Ticonderoga to Lake George.

This 115 ft. ship was built in Albany and sailed up through the Champlain Canal minus its second deck and pilot house. What was projected to be an 8 hour move from Lake Champlain to Lake George ended up being 4 days.

Yellow Ladyslippers bloom above Willsboro Bay.

Still waters create perfect conditions for paddling along the majestic cliffs of the wilderness of the western side of 4 mile long Willsboro Bay.

Arcadia Cottages are located at the protected southern end of the bay.

One of the first sailboats of the season passes in front of the ferry off of Begg's Park, Essex.

Everything's coming up babies with the Potluck group at t.John's. The last mommy-to-be in the pic has since delivered a beautiful & healthy baby girl!

All photos are copyrighted property of Arcadia Photos.

As has become our custom, we end this edition with an Arcadia sunrise.

May your coming weeks be filled with the joy of the sights and sounds of  spring's promise of balmy summer days to come!

Wishing you days filled with Peace, Simplicity & Tranquility!

May you find a special beauty in each day that greets you!

May your days be filled with blessings!